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New Patient Forms

Please print the forms below (Naturopathic Consent Form AND Age-Appropriate Intake Form) and bring them
to your first appointment OR request a copy to be picked up at the clinic OR arrive 30 minutes prior to your
scheduled appointment and fill them out at the clinic.

The information from these forms will aid Dr. Lun in assessing your case and save valuable appointment
time. Please call 1-888-550-5303 or send an e-mail if you require assistance downloading or completing the
Ridgeway Wellness Centre
Naturopathic Consent Form:
RWC - Consent to Naturopathic Treatment

Patient Intake Form:
RWC - Pediatric (Age 0-12) Intake Form
RWC - Youth (Age 13-16) Intake Form
RWC - Adult (Age 16+) Intake Form
Niagara Falls Chiropractic Clinic
Naturopathic Consent Form:
NFCC - Consent to Naturopathic Treatment

Patient Intake Form:
NFCC - Pediatric (Age 0-12) Intake Form
NFCC - Youth (Age 13-16) Intake Form
NFCC - Adult (Age 16+) Intake Form