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Naturopathic Therapies ~ CHINESE CUPPING MASSAGE

Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy that involves the application of round glass cups to the body by
creating a suction within the cup. The treatment is used to correct energetic imbalances and relax tense
muscles. Many patients compare the sensation of cupping to a very deep massage, but un-like massage,
cupping therapy stretches muscles instead of compressing them.

Cupping therapy is particularly useful for muscular tension in the back, shoulders, and neck.
It helps to improve circulation, and may also be used to smooth areas of cellulite.
What to expect:
Glass cups are applied to the body and continually
passed over the treatment area.

Most patients feel a general release of tension and
diminished pain in the treatment area. If strong
suction is used, there may be some soreness,
similar to what is felt after a deep massage.
Because the cup is suctioned to the skin, bruising
may occur at the treatment site. These bruises are
not painful and will fade within a few days.